Forfeit Futures

by Ghosts Of Catharsis

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released November 6, 2015

Samples in Emperors Of Ash and Apogee: Juddu Krishnamurti



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Ghosts Of Catharsis Orlando, Florida

weekend metalcore sweet tea anime pizza dance fiesta

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Track Name: Oathbreaker
The skies are dark
We're finding only now
That our decisions
Have repurcussions
Do you have the slightest notion
Of what it means to be accountible?

I was hoping I wouldn't have to spell this out
I was hoping you could see for yourself
You've left the inner child to wander
The alleyways and empty streets
The you I trusted
The you I believed in
Has been abandoned and left to rot
Create your own reality when ours
Is not convenient enough

Right and wrong
Are both shadow and light
Given context and circumstance
How long will it take for you to grasp
In the grand scheme of things
This is insignificant

Now what will you fight for?
What do you believe in?

You could be a part of the bigger picture
But you're consumed in yourself
How could you see what the world has to offer
When your vision is so clouded?

Keep fighting your invented battles
Keep wasting your breath on baseless rhetoric
Keep resisting the cadence of progress
It will all follow you down

What will you fight for?

When you've exhausted yourself
Before the finish line
We will be there to witness your legacy
Track Name: Oil And Vinegar
I thought family lasted forever
I thought blood was thicker than water
I thought this bond was stronger

You say you know the sound of heartbreak
You claim you've seen the depths of despair
Is it all for show? What do you really know?
When was the last time you saw your own reflection?

Smoke and mirrors never lead to clarity
If you looked into the water would you recognize yourself?
In silence it's hard to ignore the unrest of betrayal
It's like we never even knew you

Now look what you've become
Look at what we've all become

Jaded, untrusting and hateful
Deceiving and ungrateful
You choose your battles so conditionally
You've covered up your former transparency

Are you as certain of your end
As you were at the start?

A king may move a man
A man may move a mountain
But your actions are your own

All of this will fall to the side and fade
All of this will amount to nothing
Do your endeavors and values hold substance?
Will hindsight show a greater vision?
Turn it all around
Look at what you've become
Turn it all around
Look at what you've become

A king may move a man
A man may move a mountain
But your actions are your own

Look what you've become
You choose your battles so conditionally
Look what you've become
You've turned your back on all our history

Turn it all around
Look at what you've become
Track Name: Prometheus
You've fallen in love with the idea
That you're fighting some courageous battle
A knight in stolen shining armor
On a high horse for all to see
Turning tides in your histrionic favor
Drowning the innocent in a false crusade
This is your witch hunt
This is your salem
Shout your deceptions loud enough
Hoping they become reality
You're the same as everyone else
A pathetic drop in the ocean
Does that frighten you?
Who do you hope to become?
What are your intentions?
Building a mountain from
The lives you've destroyed
And the names you've slandered
To reach for the stars
As you step on our necks
And break our backs
The higher you climb, the harder you'll fall
We're counting down your every breath
Until the collapse
Until you crash
Advance your own petty agendas
And worthless reputation
You abuse trust that you never earned
Hold our lives hostage with your words
Who do you think you are to play
The part of advocate?
Reserve the blame for the worthy
A wolf in sheep's clothing
Mislead the judgment of victims
Under the pretense that you were one
Reserve the blame for the worthy
Open your eyes and shut your mouth
Anyone who takes a second glance
Knows who and what you really are
Just what are you striving for?
As you step on our necks
As you salt our wounds
You cheapen their lives
With the lie that you live
You're selling snake oil
But we're not buying it
You steal the fire of others
To make up for your lack
Your mouth is full of venom and razors
Your heart is rotten and black
Track Name: Forfeit Futures
How secure are we
This is not security

Living in the shadow of the heels that hold us down
We praise and raise their pedestals so that they may
Cast their gaze further upon us
We forfeit our futures for a fading present

Those who would sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither

We exist in paranoia
We drown in fear
This is how they want us
This is their control

Keep them confused
Keep them afraid
This is their control
Our constitution's grave

Stay confused
Stay afraid
They'll see us slumbering
In our constitution's grave

Forfeit futures
We'd give it all away
To assume we're safe
If only for today
This is not permanence
These promises fade
We'll all break our own word
Then watch it all decay

Forfeit futures
Remain afraid
They want to find us sleeping
In our constitution's grave
Track Name: Emperors Of Ash
We imagine ourselves masters of this world
Delusions of grandeur and imitation thrones
We presume ourselves rulers over our brothers and sisters
We set our grand designs in motion against the sands of time

This planet will soon be barren
What will you tell your children of your home?
How will they visualize prosperity
When we become emperors of ash?

The clouds will rain acid
The air will poison us all
When gold is black and when oceans run red
We surely will deserve our fall

I have seen signs of things to come
I have seen the wake of our end
We spill endless blood and for nothing
This is all meaningless

Who will be there to congratulate you
On your hollow victories
When they are built on the bodies of nations?
When violence has replaced mercy

It's lonely at the top
All hail the queens and kings of the void
Where will your kindom lay it's foundation
When all you love has been destroyed?

You can never race or outrun time
You cannot escape the rising tide
All of your crowns and wars are worthless
Give your commands as you're buried alive

Salt the earth
We are contagion
Salt the earth
We are infection
Salt the earth
We are destruction
This could be the end

This is all meaningless
This could be the end
Track Name: Unconditional
As long as we abide by your terms
For the consideration of compassion
We will be losing ourselves in
What we think we know
I know you think you've heard this all before
But hear me out
Somehow you haven't felt the crest of the waves
But I assure you this ship is sinking
You're drilling holes in this vessel
That you were never granted permission to board
You can't hear my voice above the storm
You can't see my hands beyond the swell
It's hard to stay afloat
With the weight of the world
Crashing down on your shoulders
I feel the undertow
I feel myself slip away
Beneath the depths of your divisive words
All these years concealing ourselves
A mere identity becomes a living hell
You'd destroy everything
To prove a misguided point
There's blood on your hands
You've never seen or felt
You turn away to ignore the damage that you've done
Judgment will one day pass
Regardless of how you feign ignorance
The greatest abomination I have ever seen
Is not what you speak of but what you say
Hate disguised behind the premise of a false love
The words you speak are the real blasphemy
You will bring the end you fear
Do your worst
You bring shame to everything
You claim and believe you stand for
Do your worst
We will rise above with everything we stand for
Track Name: Dreamender
You've built your walls
You've set your pace
You've proved us all
Our trust was misplaced
You've sold yourself to your own ideals
Forgotten how to think and how to feel

Now view this world collapsing from the inside out
A hostage to the vision you thought would save you
Our darkest days may be closer than you think
You can't maintain order from within a ship while it sinks

Never forget light cannot exist without shadow
You sought your peace within a war

How will you mend the wounds you've caused
Charading perfection while you're consumed in your flaws
Keep disregarding consequence and you'll see
These fragile bodies all too easily bleed

It's only human to be imperfect
But can you tell us that this all was worth it?
The only truth we know is chaos
Fire is bright but still brings darkness
Now you see the cost of tunnel vision
The plans you had have now become your prison

Your utopia was bound to fall
And you brought our dreams down with it
This foundation was built to crumble
And take all that rests upon it with it

You keep trying to do the impossible
With a narrow lens that distorts your view
You keep searching for light in the void
You are losing yourself to you
You keep salting the earth in pursuit
Of a lie that you perceived as true
It will obscure your senses
It has distorted you

Your utopia was bound to fall
You've ended dreams with the collapse of it's walls
Track Name: Eclipse
I know of places that in comparison
Make shadows seem like daylight
I see you crawl out from them and
Walk amongst us as if
You were as honest and bright
As you would lead us to believe
These places are inside you and
You seek to trap us in them with you
Existence as projection
Every damaging word you speak
Must come from a place
Of subconscious self-reproach
You are everything you claim to hate
You are self destructing
And taking the world down with you
More and more it seems
You keep your friends
In the same pocket as scapegoats
You are the pretender
You keep your enemies close
But we can't distinguish
Between friend or foe
I hear of places that make
Grey skies appear so clear
You stand under them and cry out
In frustration from a grave you dug yourself
Will anything ever hit close to home
When blame is always so far away?
You think yourself infallible
When it's you who has a flawed foundation
Soaked in mistakes, casting condemnation
What is fiction?
What is fact?
You think yourself infallible
You keep your friends
In the same pocket as scapegoats
You call yourself a friend
When I don't know you anymore
Do you even know yourself?
Track Name: Mourning Star
Imagine limitless possibility and hope
A civilization progressing
Towards it's greatest awakening
All of this overshadowed
By the oncoming storm
Endtime prophecies self-fulfilling
All lights go out
And power is lost
Fear takes hold and
The sky turns black
As stars fall from the sky
Visualize what could have been
What we could have achieved
Cold and alone in the darkness
With nothing but your thoughts
Reflect on our potential
Squandered in trivial conflict

Futile struggles for dominion
Over our own flesh and blood

Our malice
Our avarice
Our complacency
In all of this
We are undone

This is but one of many contingencies
When the die is cast
It rolls from our hands
The path before us forever unwinding
Doesn't have to end in ruin

All of this has been said before
And will be said again

The time for words has passed
We must create an era of action
We must be the change we wish to see

Move on
Move forward
There will be struggle
There will be resistance
You will face yourself
And you'll find what you need
You'll find what you need

Chase the sun
Capture the horizon

In the wake of the end
There is nothing but new beginnings
Chase the sun
Capture the horizon


Our malice
Our avarice
Our complacency
In all of this
We are undone

I've traveled this distance
I've come too far to get in my own way
We've come too far to anchor ourselves to defeat
We will clear a path to the light
Build a future with purpose
Build a future with meaning
You are not your mistakes
Move forward with purpose
And transcend yourself

Move on
Move forward
Transcend yourself
You'll find what you need
Move on
Move forward
Awaken and clear a path to the light
You'll find what you need